Friday, August 3, 2012


College focused more on culture than knowledge (which is a blog post for another day). But ironically, we didn't even learn much about other cultures; most of what I know is from life experience.

I am...
  • A violinist (European)
  • who grew up in an African-American neighborhood (Black)
  • whose grandparents took her to temple (Jewish)
  • who speaks fluent Spanish (Hispanic)
  • who cooks more Asian food than American food and whose step mother is Vietnamese (Asian)
  • whose mother was a professional belly dancer (Middle Eastern)
  • who attempts to fiddle too (Southern)

As a result, I don't feel lost in any of these environments. I used to resent the fact that I didn't really grow up with much of a family or culture of my own, but now I'm grateful to have so many cultures. To think, some people only have one!