Friday, December 28, 2012

Hats Available on my Etsy Shop

Two crochet slouchy hats—one in Navy Blue and one in Mustard Yellow—are available on my Etsy shop, Class M.

It's actually my first listing! I'll get some more stuff on there soon. This spring I have an idea for an extracurricular project: making Abrams-style Star Trek costumes to sell before the new movie Star Trek: Into Darkness comes out. We'll see how that works. This is all a learning process for me; it may require me going back to sewing lessons to learn how to draft and grade patterns. I can make stuff that fits me, but I don't know yet about stuff that fits other people. I'm up for the challenge.

Here are the hats. Click here to go to the listing.

Slouchy Hat in Navy Blue, $10

Slouchy Hat in Mustard Yellow, $10

Did ya get the Class M reference? Maybe? Maybe not? Whether you did or didn't, I'm content with the name. It's classy enough to be a reference to fashion, and Star Trek lovers will understand that there's some Trek language there beneath the surface. Stay tuned for more listings!

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